Hello and welcome to Sydney Sandwich Press, a blog focused solely on the art of sandwich making.

Before you read on I must first tell you I am somewhat of a sandwich purist so featured sandwich related articles and community service announcements will relate only to sandwiches defined as; filling placed between two slices of bread, filling within a bread roll, or ingredients layered elegantly open-sandwich style.

I come from a family of sandwich-lovers and have earned my sandwich stripes over many years working in busy cafes, delis and catering companies. Inspired by Grandma and memories of her delectable salad sandwiches of the early 90’s, long before artisanal sourdough hit the Sydney food scene, the key ingredient was love and this still remains the most important element when creating the perfect sandwich today.

My advice for attaining sandwich Nirvana is to take care, use the best, freshest ingredients, and sit down to enjoy together.


Bon appétit!