Say it with sandwiches: how to show loved ones you care

So the fine, friendly folk at Helga’s contacted me this week to discuss their current charity drive ‘Say it with sandwiches‘ to raise funds for Foodbank, an Australian not-for-profit that acts as a ‘pantry’ to the community groups and charities who feed Australia’s hungry by rescuing edible but surplus foods and groceries.

Together with Celebrity chef Justine Schofield, Helga’s have come up with a range of spectacular sandwich combinations that will help you show your lover/mother/hair-dresser/dog-walker/florist you think they are utterly amazing… And all for just $6 including delivery. And for each $6 sandwich purchased, Foodbank will be able to provide over 10 meals to Australians in need.


So this week (15th – 19th August) they’re delivering sandwiches for lunch to loved ones in Sydney CBD. Sandwiches include the likes of chicken schnitzel on white bread, or salami, ricotta, eggplant and semi sun dried tomatoes on whole grain. Or my personal favourite, the aptly named ‘let me rye you lunch’ sandwich, with miso-mayo pulled pork and a cabbage salad on light rye.

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And then after that, they’ll be spreading the sandwich love, serving up sarnies to the cool kids in Melbourne’s CBD (29th August – 2nd September).

Now if your sandwich-sweetie is outside of the delivery zones, don’t worry, you can make your own virtual sandwich to send them for free. It’s so fun!

And if you want to send yourself a sandwich too, that’s just fine. It’s all in the name of a great charity. Or if you want to make your secret office crush a little jealous, sending yourself a suggestive pickled cucumber and cheese sambo with an attached note signed ‘from your secret admirer’, could be just the thing that ignites the spark you think you felt at last years office Christmas party….

So send a sandwich-love-letter. Be a romantic! Flowers are so passé anyway.

Justine Schofield and the Helga’s sandwich scooter

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