Local’s Corner

I just have to share this hidden gem on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with you!

Local’s Corner is a friendly cafe on Sydney road in Seaforth where the service is speedy the portions are generous and the food is of the comfort variety.

When I was there last I had a delicious sandwich, the ‘Hangover Cure’ and I must say it was just what the doctor ordered!

A soft bun with perfectly cooked bacon and lots of it, fried eggs (that’s right, 2 of them!), oven roasted tomatoes, chorizo, baby spinach and a giant crispy hash brown, I opted for the spiced tomato relish over the standard aioli.

If you’re craving a high energy carb-loaded brunch/lunch/whatever… Then this menu option is for you sir!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cassie says:

    This looks amazing L!!! Must try one….oh and have you tried the bacon and egg roll at the Incinerator Cafe in Willoughby yet (next to the Leisure Centre?)……SO good


  2. Thanks for the recommendation, I have not yet tried it! But I do love that place – I’ll have to stop by after a swim to carb-load when the weather warms up a little!


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