Lamb and tabouli BFFs

At work today I was absolutely starving after a rushed and unsatisfactory lunch so for most of the afternoon I was distracted dreaming about what I wanted for dinner and I couldn’t go past a Lebanese-inspired grilled lamb sandwich with tabouli and baba ghanoush.

Come dinner time via a quick stop in at the supermarket, the combination of big, bold flavours (was as I knew I would be) heaven on my hungry taste buds and really satisfied my hunger!

toasted lamb, tabouli and baba ghanoush sandwich on Turkish bread


Turkish bread
lean, grilled lamb pieces
3T SSP’s baba ghanoush
1/2 cup SSP’s tabouli
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Sandwich Assembly

Slice open your Turkish bread and slather each side generously with baba ghanoush.

Add your deliciously grilled lean lamb and top with lots of tabouli making sure to take the drier tabouli from the top of your tabouli pile – we don’t want soggy sandwiches!

Place the sandwich lid on top and although delicious fresh as is, I like to pop mine under the sandwich press for a quick couple of minutes.

Eat it!

Hot off the press with a glass of icy pomegranate juice topped with sparkling water.


Bon appétit!



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