rare roast beef on rye

Something about rare roast beef always makes my mouth water.

Strange… as I’m not a huge meat eater. Perhaps it’s something to do with the energy-packed punch I get when I eat red meat?

Anyway, today for lunch I decided to make a simple rare roast beef sandwich on rye.

rare roast beef on rye


2 slices fresh rye bread
1T butter
60g rare roast beef
1/2T wholegrain mustard
1 pickled onion, sliced
small handful baby spinach, washed
1/3 Lebanese cucumber, sliced
1 small tomato, sliced
sea salt and black pepper

Sandwich assembly

Butter each slice of rye.
Onto the base slice, arrange rare roast beef evenly.
Smother beef with wholegrain mustard and top with sliced pickled onion.
Add baby spinach, cucumber and top with sliced tomato.
Season with salt and pepper and top with the second slice of rye.

 Eat it!

With a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice with the juice of half a lemon added for extra zing! Feeling healthy yet?


Bon appétit!



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