hot cross choc berry buns

Easter time is a long weekend, time with family and let’s not forget – plenty of indulgent food!

I love hot cross buns of all varieties; traditional fruit and spice, choc chip, fruit-less, even recently I enjoyed a fig and spice hot cross bun.

I’m just going crazy with the super sweet treats at the moment and have come up with a simple, taste-bud tantalising version employing chocolate-hazelnut spread and fresh raspberries.

Hot cross choc-berry buns


traditional hot cross bun (or your own favourite variation)
2T choc-hazelnut spread
6 fresh raspberries

Sandwich Assembly

Toast hot cross buns until warm and lightly golden.
Dollop the choc-hazelnut spread onto the base half of the hot cross bun.
Snuggle the fresh raspberries into the choc-hazelnut spread.
Place top half of hot cross bun on top!

Eat it!

Slowly… With a freshly brewed pot of Yorkshire Tea. This’ll get you through the day!


Bon appétit!



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