sweet, sweet sandwiches

Of all the different arrangements of sandwich fillings you commonly see on the menu in cafes, canteens, and restaurants, in recipes discussed on blogs, websites or cooking shows, or those created and drooled over during cooking demonstrations, very rarely will you see a sweet sandwich.

Now why is this?

I suppose it’s because we have been conditioned to think of savoury foods as appropriate options for lunch or dinner only, and you’d never hear of a sandwich at dessert (unless of course it’s the icecream-between-two-cookies variety – yummy!).

It might also be because sweet sandwiches seem to be something that people feed their children – PB&J, honey sandwiches (crusts cut off), or Fairy Bread (white bread buttered, and covered in rainbow sprinkles) – that it’s not real ‘adult food’.

On this, I disagree.

Sweet sandwiches are a delightful, tasty option to enjoy when you’re in need of a deliciously sweet (and sometimes decadent) alternative to the more commonplace ham-cheese-tomato combinations, although ham-cheese-tomato really is a prize-winning combination …that much can’t be denied.

I do LOVE them and here is one of my favourites

Choc-banana toasty


2 slices of fresh fruit bread, or white bread (if you don’t like sultanas)
2T chocolate-hazelnut spread
medium banana, peeled and sliced

Sandwich Assembly

Firstly, heat up your sandwich press.
Next, generously spread each slice of bread with chocolate-hazelnut spread.
Arrange the banana slices evenly onto the bottom slice which is now covered with chocolatey-goodness.

Cover the arranged banana with the top slice, choc-hazelnut side face down.

You now have a near complete sandwich. Just pop it into the press for a minute until lightly golden and just warmed through.

Remove from sandwich press, slice in half or quarters.

Eat It

Snuggled up on the sofa with a blanket, a good book, and a soy hot chocolate.


Bon appétit!



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