fairy bread is not just for fairies

Why is it, that when we become adults we eat less and less fun sugary foods?

Is it because we’ve learned that these foods are proven to be bad for your health?


Is it because we know high sugar foods rot your teeth leading to expensive dentist bills?


Is it because we became too serious and forgot how to relax and enjoy food kid-style, consuming only our favourite foods?

Most probably!

Well whatever the reason is… I’m going to ignore the logic and eat a kid-party-friendly-favourite…

Fairy bread!


fresh white bread
butter, softened
100’s and 1000’s

Sandwich Assembly

It’s simple.

Butter bread remembering to butter all the way into the corners and edges.
Generously sprinkle on the 100’s and 1000’s.

Gently tip off any unstuck excess
Cut into triangle-shaped quarters

Eat it

Whatever? You’re an adult, you can do what you want.


Bon appétit



5 Comments Add yours

  1. zoomzoommedia says:

    The taste, texture and sight of fairy bread makes me so happy. Thanks for the timely reminder before my son’s birthday party.
    They say happiness is good for your health too, so I say dig in!


    1. Glad we share the same fond memories Zoomzoom 🙂


  2. Vanessa Berry says:

    I was talking about fairy bread to some English friends and they got very excited about “sugar butties” which I had not heard of but is basically white bread + butter + sugar!


    1. Sugar butties? They sound delicious!!


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