basil pesto

Condiments are key to making tasty sandwiches that much tastier!

One of my favourites is pesto. I use it to bring flavour to all kind of sandwiches from chicken or rare roast beef, to roast vegetables or antipasto sandwich fillings.

Basil pesto originated as early as the 16th century in Genoa, Northern Italy. It is a sauce based on the Ancient Roman moretum (a type of herb cheese spread).

Anyways, it brings a punch of flavour and a kick of basily freshness, balancing heavier flavours or lifting more delicate ones.

Takes five minutes to whip up – I don’t even bother to get out the food processor for this one, I just use a mortar and pestle.


1 garlic clove, peeled
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
bunch of basil, leaves only
60g pine nuts
3T extra virgin olive oil
60g pecorino, finely grated


Crush garlic with pestle, add sea salt and black pepper, and work to a smooth paste
Add basil leaves, pounding until smooth.
Throw in the pine nuts and crush almost completely (I like to leave a little bit of texture here).
Now it’s time to blend through the oil, a tablespoon at a time.
Pecorino goes in last.

Eat it

Time to adorn that crusty baguette with a layer of pesto before adding your favourite sandwich filling. Glass of red anyone?



Bon appétit!



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  1. Cassie says:

    Great post! Have just planted basil for this year and so looking forward to making pesto again. Hadn’t thought on it much for a sandwich though, yum.


    1. I could have pesto on just about anything savory 🙂 And your new basil will no doubt love the rain that’s finally arrived!


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