the machinery

Toasties, grilled sandwiches, jaffles or cheesy-toasts… Whatever you like to call them, you’ll need a sandwich press to make one.

Tomato and cheese toastie (800x800)
Toasted sandwiches are a divine, often cheesy, flavourful comfort food which can be served as a stand alone meal, or as an accompaniment to soup or salad – because let’s face it.. no one ever filled up on soup or salad alone!

What I regularly rely on is my Sunbeam ‘cafe press’, a gift from my brilliant Aunty Rosemary who knows food related gifts bode well with me. It has non-stick plates (the top one is adjustable) and heats evenly.

If you’re thinking of getting one of these, I highly recommend choosing a well known brand as I’d hate it if a 10:30pm-we-haven’t-eaten-dinner-yet-sandwich-emergency turned into a dodgy-electrics-fire-related-emergency. And if you can find one that has a control to adjust and lock the height of the top plate to sit open above your toasting sandwich, this means nicely toasted open sandwiches too (drool)!

Now fresh bread is key to un-toasted, fresh sandwiches, however, should you find yourself low on time, money, or loathing the fact you are about to throw away the last third of an uneaten loaf from the day before, I suggest finishing your sandwich in the toaster – you’d never know the difference.

Add a couple of slices of tomato, seasoned with salt and pepper of course, top with cheese and you possibly have the best after work/school/late-night-drinking-session snack ever invented!


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